I believe there to be no greater challenge or greater reward to one’s self, than to simply learn how to receive and extend love unselfishly.
  • Welcome friends

    My desire is to write novels that heighten ones level of consciousness by challenging core beliefs. Beliefs that manifest from ones soul and shape how one interfaces with the world Internally, Externally and Spiritually; novels that stimulate thought!

  • Inspiration

    I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego, CA– my childhood consumed with inquisitiveness as it pertained to the written word. And it was during my adolescent years that I became enlightened with the knowledge that I was sent here to inspire lives through my written words.

  • Frustration

    But after many failed attempts to create the next “LITERARY MASTERPIECE”; picking up a pen and being abandoned by my words. A dear friend sat me down, looked into my eyes and stated, “Live your life, grow and gain the experiences God wants you to have and the words will come.”

  • Growth

    I relocated to Northern California and found myself out of my element and completely bored. But out of boredom–growth surfaced: Spiritually, Emotionally and Professionally. This higher level of enlightment, unleashed my creativity and passion. I now picked up a pen and the words flowed.

  • An emerging author…

    My first novel, “A Misrepresentation of Myself,” is now available! Get your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.